December 2, 2023

1 thought on “The Mildred Rowe Weston Memorial Grants in Canada for 2022 – NEW

  1. I have set up my kids’ RESPs based on an article you (FT) had up at that time using the TD e-Series within EasyWeb.A couple years ago, not exactly sure of time,TD stopped offering the TD e-Series from within their RESP on EasyWeb for new applications, existing holders of the TD e-series can still conduct transactions.As of last year or year before, TD has made me take and update the risk questionnaire, via phone, before I am allowed to place any trades for the TD e-Series within my RESP in EasyWeb.I was curious whether this is something you have also experienced as i do not see any mention made of this in your recent yearly updates.Also, TD has pushed on me to convert my RESP account within EasyWeb to a TD Direct Investing account. They state I would not have to take and update their records of my risk tolerance yearly, as I have to do now.I am hoping in your next RESP update or on a dedicated article you (FT) can speak to these two areas. Thanks

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