December 3, 2023

1 thought on “2023 University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Scholarship Grants in Australia

  1. I read this article a long while ago and came back to it today. I wanted to say that if I set my camera to the same settings as yours, my photos would come out of the camera near-black.Example:Canon 7D, 300mm f2.8 w/1.4X, ISO 400, f5.0 @ 1/2500 second (handheld) / Rough-legged HawkI have a 300mm with 2X teleconverter. If I shoot even f/5.6 at just 1/1000 second, and ISO 400, my shot will be near black. What I have been doing is setting to between 1/600s and 1/1,250s at f/11 and using Auto ISO – my camera then churns out ISO readings in the thousands, even as high as 25,600 if shooting, say, a perched bird in a tree with leaf and foliage background. You can imagine the grain.Would love to hear suggestions for this, and also for shooting when you are walking under tree cover on an overcast day.

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